Friday, September 30, 2005

Lest we forget

Today I am writing the blog on an (Nausena) incident, which, I believe, everybody would have forgotten by now.
It is nothing too different, but real amusing, I would call it “A typical day in Nausena way” – marked by true Nausena spirit - total confusion, chaos, mess, disorder….

Shipra had to go to MNIT Allahabad to participate in a Software competition with a few classmates.
Now imagine the last minute rush……train in 30 min….distance to station is around 4-5 kms. Her project is not yet complete (last min changes)…..
Problem with flopees –
(floppee is most unreliable thing in this world –at times even more unreliable than ‘guys’;) We were running to and fro from our place to Chaitanya’s place (dist around 1.5 km) to get the things right and proper in floppees, writing floppee from our PC, checking it in Chaitanya’s PC and vice versa.

In all this mess, we realized we do not have enough cash at home :o (ATMs did not exist at that time).

Scene at station - Shipra’s teammates at station getting restless – only 15 min left and no clue of Shipra

In these 15 min, we had to collect money from Harsh place and drop Shipra to station.
So somebody (I guess Piyush) took Shipra to the station on one of our beloved lunas,

Harsh and I went on “Nitin Gupta’s” scooter to bring cash (I just hope Nitin does not read this blog, else he will kill Harsh for speeding up to the extent he did that day)
We collected the cash and were going to station in high speed….on one crossing, we smashed into a girl on scooty and the girl and scooty both fell down

Harsh could not stop his reflex reaction and uttered some forbidden words. That girl took off her helmet and oh my God !, she was ‘Vidula’, one of the sophisticated cutie pie of our batch. But we did not have time to pick her and tell her ‘Sorry’. We just ran off.
I still hope she did notice 'me' on the scooter…….

Shipra reached station after the signal was already down, her teammates were quite panicky and had lost hope till that time.
We (me and harsh) reached station after the train already started moving. Somebody took the money from me and ran after the train (DDLJ scene) and finally handover the money to Shipra.

[According to Nausena tradition, everybody goes to station to bid goodbye every time anyone of us was leaving ] So finally everybody was there.

Chaitanya and Chirantan entered the platform when the last coach of the train was leaving the platform. Both were dressed in formals, with good news, that they got an offer from CMC ltd. Yes, it was CMC recruitment day.

When we regained our senses after this fire-fighting situation, we realized that its time to celebrate. We decided to go to ‘Jodhpur Coffee House’ at ‘Nai Sadak’
We picked our two wheelers, reached Jodhpur Coffee house,
only to find out that four of the eight people are missing
We waited for half an hour, still no clue of them (how much we needed cellphones)

Incidentally they were waiting for us at another ‘jodhpur coffee house’ at sardarpura. Somehow, we knew only about the coffee house at nai sadak and they knew only about the one at sardarpura.
After 45 min have passed, we asked the receptionist whether they have another branch in the city. Finally we could find out that others were in Sardarpura, we all reached there and…

…….we had a great evening thereafter
(at least I do not remember any mishappenings after that)

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Maa Kasam Filmy hai

Hah !
I have finally decided to start with the topic closest to my heart – Nausena….

For the uninitiated, this “nausena” has nothing to do with wars and fights; this is a bunch of nine intelligent, talented, peace-loving, never fighting girls & guys (or is it ;-) who hail from MBM Engg College, Jodhpur.

Year 2000 – College Cultural Fest – Renaissance – Event – Film Destroy
Film Destroy was the event in which each team was given name of a movie and the group has to make a mock on it to make the audience laugh. We talented people decided to participate in the event, and this is the story how we “really made people laugh” (on us)…
(how much I hate to write background like this….)

Enough of background now, we were given the movie ‘Rangeela’ and 10 min to build the plot (Just 10 min – for a group who takes at least 1 hour of discussions to decide even to go to a juice center, which they visit daily)
So everybody started shouting (cant distinguish who said what)
“We should tweak with the character names”, “And also with the songs”, etc etc
……everybody was saying something or other, but one voice was consistent, it was Chatur
“We ll sing that song definitely – saj rahi gali mori ma sunhari gote me’ (Don’t ask me, how is that song related to rangeela ! - No Relation )

Achievement – In all that shouting and countless ideas and more ideas and even more ideas, we could ‘almost’ boil down on a plot

Movie Name - Shangreela

Billi (Mock of Mili) - Shipra
Billi’s father - Chatur
Kamaal Don (Jackie’s mock) – Chirantan
Tunna Bhai (Munna’s mock) – Piyush
Kamaal’s aide – harsh
(Since there was only one female role, me and Nishu made the sacrifice – believe me, it would have been even more funny otherwise :-)

Story line
‘Tunna bhai’, jo ‘tunn’ rehte hain ‘billi’ se shaadi karma chahte hain, par Billi ka sapna hai bahut badi Don banne ka, iske liye vo ‘kamaal’ ka saath chahti hai…..

So far so good - Plot seems great, but ache plot ka kaise kachra hota hai, jaane ke liye padiye aage

Curtain Opens……
Background music – “Shangreela Re………..” aur Billi ki entry…
And then Billi does her funniest dance performance ever (in some arbit Chinese style) on – “Khai re khai re Chowmein Khai re

Billi ka baap “Billi tum life me kya karma chahti ho”
Billi “Papa mera sapna hai ki main ek din bahut badi don banoongi”

Then Kamaal Don enters with his aide Harsh.
Harsh brings the mike and intends to speak a dialogue. But Kamaal Don takes the mike and speak out dialogues for both. Harsh listens silently and after the scene, just takes the mike backstage.

(thoda sa background (again!) ‘kamaal don’ urf Chirantan is very fond of stage, stage par aate hi unhe kuch kuch ho jaata hai, khud ko perform karne se rok nahi paate)

(Harsh comment later – main to ‘Tiwari’ ban gaya, bas mike pakda kar aa gaya – tiwari was the admin person who used to place mikes on stage)

Time for next song (hindi film hai – songs to honge hi) – again a mind-blowing performance by Billi for kamaal bhai – “Tanha tanha yahan par ‘Peena’ yeh bhi koi baat hai”

Ab samay hai ‘Tunnai bhai’ ki entry ka (he is supposed to introduce himself).
But hamare Kamaal 'Chirantan' Don who has played ‘Sutradhar’ more than any other role on stage, suddenly assumes the role of ‘sutradhar’ and introduces Tunnai bhai

“Yeh hain Tunna Bhai
karna chahte hain billi se sagai”

(This way Tunna Bhai also gets deprived of dialogues)

Aage, ab aage kya, 10 min me itna hi plot decide ho paaya tha
sabhi characters ek doosre ka chehra dekh rahe hain

Kamaal Don again takes the initiative, goes to Tunna Bhai, and saya
Yeh billi bahut bhaav kha rahi hai, kyun na hum donon haath mila le…”

Now comes the bouncer - Most exotic dialogue ever in hindi cinema
Kamaal don“Jab mile Kamaal se Tunna Bhai”
“To ho gayi unki Sagaai”
- replies tunna bhai

Vah kya kafia baitha hai” – Kamaal announces in the mike

Aur "kamaal don aur tuna bhai ki sagai" ki khushi ke mauke par Ladki (billi) ka baap Chatur aur Kamaal’s aide Harsh sings a song
Kaun sa – no points for guessing
"Saj rahi gali mori ma, sunhari gote me……………

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

This is first post on my blog, many people would ask me why I have chosen the title “The poor soul”........

Though I am not a person who loves to crib, but it’s true - if anything can go wrong, it goes wrong with me (yeah Murphy’s law).

I would try not to bore my readers with all that has gone wrong with me, but trust me, if you read all of that, you will never face any problem in life (learning from other’s experience – you would know what all can go wrong with your bank, credit card, mobile, service provider, traffic police, IT return, landlord, broker, and who not and what you should not have done in that case ;-)

But there is a sequel to my life’s Murphy law – that is – all’s well that ends well….after lots of ups and downs, things get straight finally :-)

Since this is my first blog, and I have been planning to write a blog for long, and I have so many interesting things to write, and I have so many topics in mind, and I have lots to share...
....and I am already confused where to start from
so keeping it short and sweet, I end it here.

Be with me, a lot more interseting stuff to come :-)