Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Can India survive as a secular democracy?

India is a secular country, and if states act non secular, how can India retain its secularism?

And how do you define ‘Outsiders’ – from other country, from other religion, from another state, from another city, from another area? Yesterday somebody created religion boundary, today state and community boundary, tomorrow it will be sub-communities and city boundaries, where do you stop that

There is a very thin line between protecting rights of your community and harming other communities. I agree there would have been incidents in which person of one community had to face miseries because of a person of another community, because world is not perfect. But if you support what’s happening in Maharashtra, you are also supporting terrorism (ok may not be bombs, but you are at least supporting SIMI/ Mujahedeen thought process). Com’on you cannot have two faces for the same thing. Do you really think whatever these groups are telling their people is completely false, will they not have true incidents to support their claims of discrimination happening to them in India. But this is myopic view of truth, you choose to see what you want to, and that’s what also happening in Maharashtra, Gujarat, Karnataka, all over India (it has different names – terrorism, fight for Hindu rights, fight for Marathi’s rights, fight for Muslim’s rights……but it’s the same thing – Divide to rule)

Let’s get together to fight to retain secularism in India, which is India’s greatest strength


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