Saturday, August 08, 2009

A trip to Malshej Ghats

An impromptu weekend trip, when till 9 am on Saturday morning, we were searching internet on where to go. Then we just finalized on Malshej, around 150 km from Mumbai, unaware of what to expect from the place, where would we stay, etc. In the hurried packing after that, we forgot the camera (ooops). We had to depend on mobile for photographs, which also got discharged, so no photos of day1.

We did not find a place to stay in Malshej, so we have to go 25 km (to Junnar) to stay in a low budget hotel offered at a high price. This place was in bottom hills of shivneri (fort where Shivaji was born), so we got to trek Shivneri fort and another amazing ganesh temple on hills (Lenyadri).

As for Malshej, it was a beautiful serene place with a lots of waterfall and clouds surrounding us. There is a road famous for waterfalls, people also come for day trip from Mumbai/ pune just to enjoy these waterfalls. If you want to experience what is it like walking in the clouds, this is the place, specially on the hills behind MTDC resort. While walking there, I was remembering the tale in which somebody builds a stairs to reach the clouds. These were really dense clouds, providing very little visibility. Suddenly cloud disappeared and we realized that there were so many people around us . There was slight rain, it was difficult to tell whether we were getting wet because of rain, clouds, or water coming up the waterfall. Yes, the wind was so strong that water was even sprinkling up the waterfall. I let myself lose in the direction of wind, and I ran some 20 m without applying any force myself. I had to then force stop myself.

Overall it was a wonderful experience, more so for a water freak like me, I got my time into a big waterfall. A piece of warning here, if you are planning a trip to Malshej, plan a saturday to the waterfalls, not a Sunday. On Sunday, you will find the waterfalls filled with big groups of people, drenching, drinking and dancing. On saturday, it was much less people, so we could enjoy more.

Check out the photos at
malshej ghat

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