Monday, January 02, 2006

I am in Love...

Yes guys, I am in Love...

.....with my ‘would be’
Brand New Santro Xing XO Scarlet Sage

I always wondered how materialistic things could give so much pleasure to people…After booking my car, now I know…… Though happiness comes from with in, but there is some thrill attached to these things too :-)

Whenever I see a Santro Xing Scarlet Sage on road, I can’t stop myself from staring and following it on my two-wheeler (remember that bike ad – ‘Tere chehre se nazar nahi hatti, nazaare hum kya dekhe’)

For the uninitiated, Scarlet Sage is the color of the car, which is a fancy name for ‘Cherry Red’ and I believe choice of color speaks a great deal about one’s personality, tastes, etc. For me, its scarlet sage

My car would be arriving home this weekend, eagerly waiting for the moment……I am in love, really :-)